The Whole Health Approach

whole health approach

There is much more to humans than only the physical aspect. Taking care of our physical bodies is extremely important, but so too are the other aspects of our being – our minds and our souls (our spiritual core).

Neglecting these elements can do as much damage as ignoring the health and balance of our physical bodies.

It helps to think of your mind as another “muscle” that needs stimulation and exercise. Just like any other muscle, if it isn’t exercised, it will get weak and lazy and not support you as it should.

Just doing little things everyday that ensure your mind is learning and retaining new information, keeps it in shape. Consider mental exercise a part of your daily routine.

The agility of the mind affects emotions and the release of the “feel-good” hormones. Being aware of your emotions is another element of mental and physical wellness – relax, indulge, laugh, have fun.

On a deeper, sub conscious level, our spiritual core is affected by the constant over-stimulation from the world around us. From the time we wake up to when we go to sleep, we’re surrounded by noise. Although we may feel that none of it affects us, often we can feel restless or dissatisfied (an underlying feeling of malaise).

Spending quiet time at least once a day, helps to mitigate the damage done to your inner self. Just spending 5 – 10 minutes a day in a peaceful place, away from people and noise, will improve your overall disposition.

There are many meditation and relaxation methods available. Find one that works for you and begin putting your mind into “neutral” every day. It isn’t easy in the beginning – your mind will wander but try not to follow the distraction.

Don’t let arthritis debilitate your lifestyle:

Get up – get out – get moving – get balance….

And that, together with Haraka, will help you to

Reclaim your limber life.

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