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Hello – I am Gail Reith, founder of Haraka – and this is my story...

For over 30 years, I developed markets and businesses by creating innovative, unique healthcare products, using plant extracts to achieve results. Some won awards, and many were copied by leading competitors.

Then, in my late fifties I developed arthritis in my back and knee. I could no longer run, dancing was painful, even getting in out of the car became a conscious action. I have always lived an active life, so this change had a major impact on me. I tried many products currently on the market, which either didn’t work or stopped working after a few weeks. I resorted to buying over the counter painkillers (anti-inflammatories), until I became aware of the potentially damaging side effects.

I realised it was time to develop a product that would really work. Being the innovator I am, I decided to create a product that would reduce pain and inflammation and restore comfortable movement without adverse side effects.  I also wanted to make sure that it would safely interact with many of the chronic prescription medications people over 60 are taking.

With those high expectations creating such a product felt like trying to create a miracle! The journey of Haraka was a fascinating one – and not without setbacks and frustrations. Eventually though, the powerful formulation came together, and the test results were remarkable.

I was my own first test subject, and even though it did take 9 days before I felt the benefits of Haraka, the improvement continued after that. I took the capsules for 60 days, feeling fabulous. Within just 2 days of completing that test course, my back and knee were painful again. By the 4th day they felt exactly as they did before using Haraka. I had begun to take comfortable movement for granted. I couldn’t find a better example of the product effectiveness!

Of all the products I have ever developed, I am proudest of Haraka. Being able to bend and move without pain is simply wonderful!

Our Mission


RESTORE Flexibility

RELIEVE Chronic Pain

RECAPTURE Limber lives

100% Organic

We use only natural ingredients, meaning it's safe to take with any other medication.

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