Joint inflammation, stiffness, pain - STOP the cycle that's restricting your lifestyle

The natural alternative to painkillers for arthritis

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What is Haraka?

Haraka is a natural product that is highly effective in controlling inflammation and pain. It is compatible with most medications taken by many people over the age of 60.

For many people who suffer from arthritis, the frustration of trying to find effective relief from the pain and stiffness often results in taking over the counter (OTC) painkillers. These drugs do a great job when taken occasionally but can be harmful when taken regularly.

Haraka delivers efficacy, potency, safety and affordability

Benefits of using Haraka


More comfortable movement when using Haraka


Reduces pain and inflammation caused by arthritis

Continue Current Medication

Works with other chronic medications


Results within 1 – 10 weeks

What Customers Have To Say

I purchased Haraka and instead of taking one three times a day, I took two. However, I’m still here, so no harm done!

It is doing me a lot of good. I can get off the couch so much easier and even went on my hands this morning to pick something off the floor which rolled under a vanity slab.

I’m so pleased that you introduced me to this product. I might even end up doing the “Can-can”. Wishing you all the best and thank you.

Julia Ritchie

I’ve been using Haraka for a month (only taking two per day) and have found that my need for painkillers has reduced considerably.

I’m sure taking the prescribed three per day will ensure even better results.

Noreen de Jager

I can wholeheartedly recommend Haraka to people of any age suffering from symptoms of arthritis or gout, and no, you are never too young to do preventative maintenance. Don’t get to my age and learn the hard way.

Thank you for a superb product, Gail, you are the best!

Phillip Kruger

“Haraka is the ONLY medication that gives me relief! We do not have a medical aid and there is no way I could afford my medicine on my own. Now that I can get Haraka, it has given me my life back. I’ve gone from 3-4 days of painful joints a week, to my last really painful episodes being a week ago. Good Rx truly is a Godsend!”

Evergreen Lifestyle resident

I cannot begin to tell you how much Haraka has given me a new lease on life. After a week I was walking without arthritic pain and walking has again become a joy - with my dogs.

Hurrah for Haraka!

Janet Bujok

We at Highbrook Estates were fortunate to have Gail Reith of Haraka as a speaker on the facts and fallacies of arthritis.

Gail's presentation was enthralling and enlightening, thoroughly enjoyed by all. She, not only is dynamic, but inspired us all to make a change in our lives.

Thank you Gail, you centainly will be a hard act to follow.

JF Webb, Highbrook Estates

"Deneen and I are very excited about Haraka!
My pain was so bad that I could hardly walk when I would get up in the morning. I started feeling the improvement within 7 days in my legs, knees and thighs.
After 3 weeks there was an improvement in my hands.
It is a great product!"

Brian Botha

What's Inside?

Devil's Claw

  • Powerful anti-infl ammatory and painkilling properties.
  • Treats rheumatic conditions that affect the joints, ligaments, tendons & muscles. These include back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and tendonitis.
  • Has also shown results in treating fibromyalgia, nerve pain and gout.


  • Reduces the production of a type of hormone that causes pain (prostaglandins).
  • Reduces the loss of cartilage and bone.
  • Combats free radicals, which aggravate inflammation.


  • Essential for the growth & maintenance of bone.
  • Impacts body’s use of oestrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D.
  • Boosts absorption of magnesium and reduces inflammation.
  • Low levels of boron are correlated with higher levels of the antibody that causes destruction of the joints as in osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

Don’t let arthritis debilitate your lifestyle: Get up – get out – get moving – get balance….

Try Haraka today!

What to expect from Haraka

The object of the Haraka formulation is to replace the need to take NSAID’s for the relief from inflammation, pain and stiffness caused by arthritis; to arrest the deterioration of joints; to regain a more limber lifestyle.

Haraka uses natural, herbal active ingredients and therefore the improvement – the corrections within the body – are gradual and gentle.

Therefore, there will be no dramatic effect immediately (as in the response to the properties of NSAID’s) but rather a low-risk adjustment of the body to the efficacy of the active herbs. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep a daily record of activity and response – a pattern will emerge, showing the gradual and sustained improvement.

Arthritis Insights

Popping Pain Pills Is Not Always The Answer

Most arthritis sufferers do not make a big deal of their condition and simply “get on with life as best they can”. When the pain is particularly bad the “go to” solution is a painkiller or anti-inflammatory drug.

Natural Remedies versus Pharmaceuticals

What is better – plant remedies or pharmaceuticals (man-made drugs)? Understanding the essence of both makes it a little easier to choose when to follow which route.

Lifestyle & Diet To Help Prevent Arthritis

For most of our lives, we have been told about the importance of eating healthily and although the accepted rules of what constitutes “healthy” have changed from decade to decade, the bottom line is always “moderation”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Haraka uses 3 active ingredients – Boswellia, Devil’s Claw and Boron – at high potency levels. All have been studied and the results have proven that they are highly effective in the treatment of inflammation and pain. They are assimilated gradually into the body and therefore the results are sustainable.

NSAID’s are very effective when taken on occasion (not on a regular basis). If you are having a particularly painful day, perhaps due to the weather or an infection, you can certainly take some NSAID’s. However, Haraka replaces the need for the continuing use of these drugs.

Haraka has been researched for its interaction with chronic medications, including blood thinners, and there is no risk of adverse effects. Should you wish to discuss it with your doctor, the active ingredients are:

Devil’s Claw – 4.1 extract (origin: Harpagophytum procumbens DC)

Boswellia – 65% Boswellic Acid (origin: Boswellia Serrata)

Boron – Boron AAC 5%

It is best to take 1 in the morning, 1 at lunchtime and 1 before bedtime. If it isn’t possible to take the lunchtime capsule on some days, then take 2 in the morning and 1 at night.

Even though you’ve had the condition for a long time, it does not necessarily mean it will take months to feel the benefits of Haraka. There is no specific time scale, as each person’s body is unique and will respond differently. You will get results in 1 – 10 weeks.

If you buy 3 bottles of Haraka, you will only pay 1 delivery fee of R85. This means a saving of nearly 20%.

Joint inflammation, stiffness, pain - STOP the cycle that's restricting your lifestyle

The natural alternative to painkillers for arthritis

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