Haraka Product Review – Phil

Hi Gail,

I am most impressed and would like to congratulate you on your superior product and here is why:

  1. As I am a graphic designer who works up to 20-hours a day on my laptop, I started to get
    severe aches in my right hand, controlling the mouse and my hand which became extremely
    painful. I realised that it must be the onset of arthritis in my hands and seeing that I am already 57 years of age and spent 35+ years sitting and working behind my computer. I tried all the rub-on product on the market but to no avail.
  2. After hearing about Haraka from a friend, I tried your capsules somewhat sceptically, but was I pleasantly surprised!  Seeing that I am a person who does not like taking pills or medication, I started taking only one capsule a day instead of the 3-a-day as recommended and guess what, the ache disappeared within a few days after using your amazing product.
  3. The second ailment which suddenly popped up while I was mowing the lawn was a burning ache in my left big toe. (Old age is really not funny!) “What, gout, surely not me?” I thought. After reading more on your website, I realised that I should try Haraka for that too.
  4. I felt that I should now move up to a 2-capsules-a-day intake if I wanted a better result. Now that is indeed the second thing that really surprised me, as I was already feeling so much better and the prickly-pear thorny feeling in my big toe disappeared completely after only
    two thirds of the recommended daily dosage.
  5. Deep down I know that I should really take the full recommended dosage if I wanted to use Haraka as preventative maintenance going forward, but I am me and that is still a ‘work-in-progress’.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Haraka to people of any age suffering from symptoms of arthritis or gout, and no, you are never too young to do preventative maintenance. Don’t get to my age and learn the hard way.

Thank you for a superb product, Gail, you are the best!
Kind regards,

Phillip Kruger, Parys.

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